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Magnetic Levitating Planter

Magnetic Levitating Planter

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Enhance your decor with our Magnetic Levitating Planter. This statement piece is perfect for those who love home décor, interior design, and houseplants. The planter features a special magnet in the base that propels and suspends the pot mid-air, creating a mesmerizing floating effect as it spins continuously. Not just for plants, you can also use it to display candles, potpourri, essential oils, and other decorative items. The Magnetic Levitating Planter makes for an impressive and unique gift for someone special in your life, leaving house guests gasping in amazement.

Experience the latest in high-tech gadgets for your home with our Magnetic Levitating Planter. The stylish wooden base emits a strong magnetic field, enabling the plant pot to levitate and spin in place. This futuristic innovation not only adds a touch of elegance to your space but also provides 360° light exposure for your plants, creating a truly ambient atmosphere.

Levitating Floating Plant Pot

The magnetic field that suspends the pot in mid-air and allows it to spin will leave all your guests in awe. It's a testament to the latest leap in homeware design, showcasing the perfect blend of art and technology.

Create a futuristic ambiance that inspires the imagination and reduces anxiety and stress. Our Magnetic Levitating Planter serves as a unique centerpiece that can hold anything you desire, not just plants. The possibilities are endless.

Choose from two base designs that suit your existing decor, ensuring a perfect fit for your style. With its stunning design and functionality, this product also makes a great gift for your loved ones who appreciate innovative and stylish home accessories.

  • Magnetic force suspends the white geometrically-designed pot mid-air
  • Made from quality materials to elevate your decor
  • A wow factor that is exclusive to this product
  • Improves the quality of your environment to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Comes in 2 designs
Material: ABS
Base size: 134mm x 134mm x 28mm
Pot size: 90mm x 50mm (plant not included)
Floating weight capacity: 0-300g / 0-10.6 ounces
Power source: AC Adapter DC Output 12V
Levitation gap: 15-20mm
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