Sometimes I will hear a person say "I love the Waldorf dolls but they are just so expensive." or "I wish I could afford one". Why are most Waldorf dolls expensive? I can tell you as a doll maker myself I agonized over what to price my dolls. I need to "pay" myself for my time and cover all associated expenses. As do all doll makers. As does any company producing a product whether for solely profit or out of a passion for the product.

Most mass produced dolls are either plastic or a combination of plastic and poly stuffing. To produce the materials used in store bought dolls creates pollution. As well there is much concern over plastics, PVC to be specific. Have you ever smelled a new doll, straight out of the box? That strong plastic smell? Those are off-gases. I can honestly say I do not want my child breathing in those vapors nor putting that toy in their mouths. These materials and the mass production of them allows for manufacturers to keep costs down and make more profit.

Waldorf dolls are traditionally made with cotton interlock and wool. These materials are all simple, healthy, natural and completely sustainable. There are no concerning off-gases and no issues with pollution. This does make them more expensive. As well each doll is hand made in a unique way. This can take several hours.

As well because of the sweet inviting arms and unique faces, children often become best friends with their dolls, loving them with all their hearts. Where as a mass produced doll that looks like everyone else's doll doesn't always invoke that feeling of loving ownership

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